I have uploaded my files but cannot see my site. Print

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When you upload files via FTP any new files will be updated instantly. There are a few reasons why you will not be able to view your site.

1) You have uploaded files to wrong directory, you should upload files to /public_html folder.

2) You do not have a default index.htm or index.html page. Please make sure you have one of these files on your site.

3) You are using uppercase on your INDEX.HTML page, this is wrong, your files are case sensitive, please use lowercase (index.html)

4) Your Browser is displaying older cached pages, you should delete your browser cache to solve this problem. This does not always work, there is a trick to see your updated pages try entering your domain in browser with or without the www. prefix, ie. www.domain.com or just yourdomain.com
Another test we can use is visiting site through a proxy browser:

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